Accident insurance

It is important to insure yourself and your partner, in the event that the family provider or part provider is invalided or dies. After an accident or death, the partner of the invalid, or the dependent, may not be able to provide for the family or keep up the standard of living. In the worst case, the partner may not have the income to continue living in the residential home.

We can now offer a product that has a reasonable cover at a reasonable price.
The product can be adapted to the individual need, in fact you can choose between different kinds of cover.

Accident insurance covers invalidity and death.

  • The amount limits you can insure are
  • Euro 75.000
  • Euro 150.000
  • Euro 225.000
  • Euro 3000.000 

You can choose between an excess of 5% upon invalidity or 30% invalidity. 
The excess means that the insurance only pays out over 5% or 30% invalidity.
The premium is naturally adapted for the chosen excess.

The insurance can likewise be drawn up if you choose upon

  • Cover 1: Cover shall not include traffic accidents. 
  • Cover 2: Cover shall include traffic accidents. 

The age limit for taking out accident insurance is 74 years old.

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