JF – Assurance

Specialist Insurance agents in insurance for people who live outside their homeland and country of origin.

Specialised products developed for the French market.

We speak Danish, English and German.

JF – ASSURANCES is a French registered agency. The Insurance agency has operated an insurance business since 1966. The proprietor is Jens Fromm.

Jens Fromm is responsible for sales and marketing whilst Ellen Thøgersen is responsible for the administrative side of the insurance agency.

THE FROMM GROUP is based in Bagnols en Forêt, a charming, characteristic, little French village, situated approximately 18 kilometres from Frejus / Saint Raphäel in the VAR district and approximately 30 kilometres west of Cannes.

The company’s ground concept is to sell insurance; primarily to people that live out side of their homeland and country of origin. The products have been specially developed for these people, who take up residence in France or have connections with France. What separates JF ASSURANCES and other insurance agencies, is the fact that JF ASSURANCES can guide their clients in the clients own language, with the starting point being a good knowledge of the French insurance law, as well as the rules and order that has an influence on the drawing up of the insurance. 

JF ASSURANCES give advice and information, that can be of great help for people that wish to establish themselves or live in France, run a business, or just purchase a summer house, car or boat.
The agency also works as a link between the insurance company and the client, if there is a need for this. This means that the client receives the benefit of our “know how” at his disposal, in connection with the drawing up of the insurance , which cannot only mean real savings in the form of time, money and annoyances; but also get help if any complications, language problems, etc. should arise, if you are unlucky. ???

JF ASSURANCES have a wide network of co-operation contacts within a large range of different help areas within France. A network that can save you a lot of time wasting. The network includes amongst other things, communication in accommodation, help with establishment within France, car registration, translation, communication for house loans, private pensions, tax advice etc.
You automatically have access to this network , if you take out your insurance with us.

JF ASSURANCES through the co operation with permanent contacts have obtained considerable rebates for the agency’s target group. This rebate naturally benefits our individual clients. 

Furthermore we have created a good contact with the company we work with, which ensures quick communication, both for establishing the insurance and dealing with accident claims.

JF ASSURANCES charge no extra fee for the drawing up of the insurance.

Existing members of the association that have an agreement concerning special rebates: 
Club Danois, Pyrenee Oriental, Svenska Rivieraklubben, Den Norske klub, Cercle Nordic, og British Association.