Travel insurance valid for the whole world

If you live in Europe in an EU/EØS country and you are admitted into the valid country’s public health system, you are covered for any treatment in all EU/EØS countries under the rules valid in that particular country.

·         It is important to take out travel insurance for travel inside EU/EØS countries.

·         It is necessary to take out travel insurance for travel outside EU/EØS countries.

·         Travel insurance covers you for illness or accident that happens during you travel and repatriation.

This also covers 

  • Cancellation due to illness
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Expenses in connection with delays
  • Theft, personal risk and more.
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 You can take out an annual travel insurance that covers you for:

  • An unlimited number of trips. You can choose between up to 17 days, 32 days, 45 days or 90 days in length within the policy year. The annual travel insurance includes 17 days winter sport.
    The insurance can be taken out by people up to the age of 74 years.

You can also choose an insurance which is valid for a single trip.

  • You can also choose if the trip includes winter sport.
    The insurance for a single trip can be taken out by people up to the age of 74 years.

You can choose if the insurance is valid in

  • Europe
  • World wide excluding USA and Canada
  • World wide including USA and Canada

We offer a partner/spouse discount for the annual travel insurance.

We offer a family discount if the insurance is to cover the whole family.

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