On this side you can look up information on the insurance we are marketing by clicking on the area of your interest. Here, there is also the possibility to obtain information on the rules for taking up the public French health insurance system C P A M .

Health Insurance - special offer

  • Supplementary health insurance to the French public health insurance system.
  • Hospital insurance. With or without international cover.
    Supplementary full cover health insurance. With or without international cover.
  • Full cover health insurance.
  • Health insurance specially designed for people who live in France and are not part of the French public health insurance system, but are in the process of taking up this insurance or are waiting to be part of it.
  • Health insurance valid world wide for people that are resident in Europe.

If you wish to take out health insurance, you can get the application form below by clicking to the right of the link and choosing save as.

Travel Insurance - Special offer

  • Annual travel insurance, Europe and Worldwide
  • Travel insurance for a single trip, Europe and Worldwide.
  • Travel insurance for a single trip with wintersport, Europe and Worldwide.

House Insurance for owners / tenants or house letters – special offer

  • Villa / House
  • Apartment
  • House contents
  • Private liability
  • Legal help

Car Insurancespecial offer

  • French registered cars
  • Foreign registered cars where the owner has a connection to France.
  • Cars on border plates, tax plates and export plates.

Boat insurance

  • Liability insurance (Third party)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Insurance for crew.

Accident Insurancespecial offer

  • Accident insurance with or without cover for lost salary.

Life Insurancespecial offer

  • Life insurance with or without capital yields
  • Life insurance as a guarantee for a loan or house

Business Insurance

  • Building insurance
  • Liability insurance


Other forms of insurance

If you have special insurance needs we are always ready to examine the possibilities for you.
You simply have to fill out one of the return forms with the information on, your name and address, along with what you wish us to examine or give you an offer on.

Information regarding rules on admission into the French Social security.

  • Rules for admission into the French public health insurance system CPAM
  • Information on what you must have with you for obtaining “Carte Sejour” (residents permit)
  • Information on what you must have with you for obtaining admission to CPAM
    Information on how CPAM functions.
  • Information on the price to be admitted into CPAM.
  • Information on EU / EØS rules admission to a health insurance system in another EU country.
  • Information on how you ought to insure your health for yourself.

This side will be updated currently with the current changes.