Private house insurance and contents insurance.

We are your guarantee that your property (valuables?) are fully insured.

  • We have carefully read your policy through beforehand, including the small print.
  • We offer you an adaptable house insurance that exactly covers all your requirements.
  • We call this insurance “A La Carte”
  • We insure your house in France whether you are the owner, the tenant or letter.
  • We insure your business premises in France.
  • We also insure your holiday home in France.

Remember !

When you move from your country of residence, you no longer have public liability insurance. You have no juristic help insurance, should an accident happen on the way. Whether you own or rent a house outside your country of origin, it is important to take out a maximum public liability insurance. We can advise you on insurance terms and conditions in France, which on a list of points are totally different to that in your country of origin.

What is included in the French house insurance ?

  • Responsible Civile Privée - - Personal liability

  • Protection juridique familiale - - Juristic help

  • Défense Juridique - - Juristic help

  • Protection Juridique automobile - - Juristic help

  • Protection corporelle - - personal injury

  • Mobilier - - contents

  • Vol, vandalisme - - Theft, vandalism

  • Objets précieux/objets valeur - - jewelry / special valuables

  • Incendie et risques annexes - - explosion / implosion

  • Degats des eaux - - Flood damage

  • Catastrophes naturelles - - Natural catastrophies

  • Dommage electriques - - Electrical accidents

  • Bris de glaces - - Windows etc.

  • Sanitaire - - Sanitation

  • Assistance au domicile - - Assistance

  • Tempête, Grêle, Neige - - Storm, hail and snow


  • Multirisque piscine - - Swimming pool

  • Installations extérieures - - Outdoor installations

  • RC chambres d ´hôtes - - If you lend out your house as a holiday home.

  • Marchandises en congélateur - - Freezer contents

  • Individuelle scolaire - - responsibility for school children

  • Valeur neuf - - replacement value

  • Ind. Scolaire - - School going children

You can choose between a standard insurance or an extended insurance.
The extended insurance gives you a better cover, e.g. replaces damaged contents with replacement value, and there is cover for sanitary accidents. (plumbing?) Naturally, there is higher cover for “special valuables” under the extended house insurance.

What information do we need to calculate a non-obligatory offer for house insurance /contents insurance ?

  • House address and your private address. Is it a house or an appartment?

  • Are you owner, part owner or tenant of the property. 

  • If you are owner of an apartment or apartment complex, where there are many owners it is a "coproprietaire", and in these circumstances we will need to know if the owner's group have insured the building or plant. (brickwork)

  • Is it the main house or a secondary house?

  • Is the house equipped with a burglar alarm?

  • Are there shutters or grills in front of the windows or door?

  • If there are no shutters or grills, are the windows and doors provided with reinforced glass?

  • Which type of locking system is there on the main entrance door?

  • How much do you wish to insure the house for ( with any special value)

  • Is there a swimming pool connected with the house?

  • Is the property fully or partially to rent? – If yes it is important to make a supplement “RC Chambre d´hôtes”, that covers your liability over the tenant.

  • Please note that there are special security needs for house insurance in France.

  • How many rooms are there in your apartment / house / villa?

  • All rooms under 30 KVM. If the rooms are over 30 KVM please give the size of the room.

  • Number of bedrooms.

  • Other rooms e.g. library, office, kitchen etc., if it is over 30 KVM. If it is under do not include.

  • Cellar room (cave ), garage, bathroom, toilet not to be included.

  • Are there any other buildings on the ground. If confirmed, please give the area and what the building is used for.

  • A copy of your existing policy.

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