Car Insurance

If you are going to buy a car in France or buy a car on foreign plates, or you will insure a car on border plates, or will have an offer for a car insurance that is already insured with another insurance company, we are always ready with a reasonable offer.

  • Are you buying a car on “border “ export plates, we are able to insure the car from the purchase date with an ordinary car insurance at an “ordinary” price.
  • If you have brought a car with you from a foreign country with an expensive insurance, we can insure the car for an “ordinary” premium. As a rule, our premiums are even lower than normal, because we have special discounts with companies.

As one of our customers, you receive special information on the conditions and what you should do regarding registering a car brought in from a foreign country.

  • VAT regulations
  • Tax regulations
  • Registration procedure

If you do not have the time to spend on registering your imported car, we can refer you to one of our working partners in our network, who will register the car for a payment of app. Euro 230.

If your car is already insured with another company, we will draw up a non obligatory offer.

What information do we require to draw up a car insurance?

  • Name and residential address
  • Address in France
  • Date of birth
  • Date if issue for driving licence.
  • Copy of driving licence for the persons to be insured (users)
  • Copy of the registering certificate that in French is called the “Carte Grise”
  • If the total new value of the car is over E38,110.oo, we require information on the cars value.
  • Certification on number of accident free years of driving (bonus) with your present company. Certification in French means “Releve de information”. The lowest premium (bonus 0,50) is awarded after 12 documented accident free years of driving.
  • First date car was registered. On the “Carte grise”, it is under date de 1 re Mise en circulation.
  • The make and model of the car. On the “Carte grise” it is under – No. dans la SÈ RIE du TYPE (G)
  • On cars registered outside of France there is a chassis number.
  • The car's horsepower. On the “Carte grise” it is under – PUISS
  • A copy of your existing policy in force.

Which insurance to choose:

There are four possibilities to insure your car, depending on the value of the car etc.

  1. Third party insurance
    Responsabilite Civile - - - third party liability insurance
  2. Third party insurance with fire and theft and glass insurance
    Incendie Vol, - - - fire and theft
    Bris des glaces - - - accident to glass
  3. Third party insurance with “part comprehensive”
    Responsible Civile - - - third party liability insurance
    Incendie Vol - - - fire and theft
    Bris des glaces - - - accident to glass
    Dommages Collisions - - - part comprehensive
  4. Third party insurance with fully comprehensive cover.
    Responsible Civile - - - third party liability insurance
    Incendie Vol - - - fire and theft
    Bris des glaces - - - acident to glass
    Dommages tous accident - - - all accidents

    Additional choice
  • Gie Personnelle - - - conducteur insurance guidance 
  • Assistance - - - assistance
  • Protection jurididique - - - legal help

When you insure your car, examine the value of your car 
and – what your own risk excess is. 

Also please note our total discount

Click here for a non obligatory offer.